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The FITT Workout Principle Explained

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If you are planning on embracing an active lifestyle, then you probably need to have a tried and tested fitness plan beforehand. In most cases, you will rely on this program to guide you through your fitness journey.

Additionally, with a plan, you will be able to keep track of your progress. Coming up with a personal workout regimen can be quite challenging, especially if you are a newbie. But this shouldn’t worry you, as there are numerous efficient workouts plans that you can adopt.

Step forward FITT principle. Most fitness freaks rely on the FITT plan to come up with results-oriented workout routines.

FITT (Frequency Intensity Time Type)

The FITT principle comprises of four fundamentals – namely frequency, intensity, time, and type. Each component of this principle is independent and adjustable; a single one can bring massive changes.

According to renowned fitness experts, the FITT workout principle helps you avoid hitting a plateau or fitness run. A plateau is a point in your fitness journey where you don’t notice any gains despite working out.

So, let’s break down each part of the FITT principle.


Frequency translates to how regularly you exercise per week. A decent workout schedule should strike a balance between overtraining and undertraining. Both have effects and, in extreme cases, can lead to early burnout or even muscular injuries.

For starters aim for at least 150 minutes for workouts per week. Ideally, this may translate to exercising for five days, with each session taking up 30 minutes.


Intensity focuses on how hard you exercise or train. There are several ways you can measure the intensity levels of your workout session. The first is through the talk test; meaning if you are capable of holding a conversation or singing, then your intensity is low.At high intensity, you will find it difficult to utter words. Besides the talk test, you can also use the heart rate monitor to measure your heartbeat.

In this instance, you can rely on workout supplements to help boost your intensity, especially if you’ve got a set target such as adding muscle or losing weight. Just visit, the best online store for legal steroids.


What kind of workouts are you doing? Are you walking, lifting weights, or doing burpees? A proper routine should cater for 150 minutes of pure cardio workout plus two days of strength exercises per week.

You should go for workouts that you enjoy. This will help you stick with your exercise plan for a long time as you’ll always be looking forward to your next training session.


This is how long your workout session takes. As discussed before, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio is useful to maintain proper fitness. Nonetheless, you can add more time to your workout session to meet your goals.

For instance, if you are working on conditioning your body and building endurance you can opt to work out for more prolonged periods using lighter weights. There are no set time limits on how long your workout session should be

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