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The First Ejection for MLB During a Pandemic is Pretty Interesting (Video)

Written by Nate

Earlier today, the 2020 MLB season has its first ejection of the season in a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals.

And as you can see the video below, the home plate umpire and first-year Pirates manager, Derek Shelton, would argue with the umpire—while trying to put on a mask himself.

Let’s say the overall event was a sight—to say the least.

It is part of the new baseball rules implemented for the 2020 season to safely practice social distancing as brought upon from CDC rules and guidelines during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

And it looks like they were trying to their best to abide by the MLB rules, but it will be decided by the league if that was safe or not.

If that manager (or any player) did not meet those rules, we could expect a fine or worse in the near future.

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