The Fiesta Bowl How Both Teams Can Win

Written by Vito_Logozzo
Fiesta Bowl.jpg

In all reality I see no way TCU beats Michigan. I am being a logical realist in this sentiment. MIchigan is to good and to talented to get beat by a team from the Big 12 let alone TCU. But in the words of an old friend “Thats why they tee it up”. If TCU is to beat The mighty Wolverines tomorrow night in Glendale, they will have to be totally perfect in every aspect of the game zero and I mean zero mistakes, mental errors, or stupid penalties. TCU has Max Duggan a Heisman finalist for TCU to win he needs to have the absolute game of his life and again be absolutely perfect. TCU defense needs to take the fight to Michigan literally the second the game starts and maybe if they continue the strategy of hurt the opposing QB they stand a chance.

In all logic and reason Michigan should absolutely dominate TCU. Michigan is overall the better team. But, David beat Goliath and Boise St took down Oklahoma so anything is possible. To win this game Michigan needs to come out of the locker room and be Michigan. They need to play bully football and absolutely punish TCU every opportunity they get. JJ McCarthy just needs to manage the game let the run game work and make no silly mistakes. Keep JJ up right and Michigan will win going away.

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