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The Evolution Of Gaming Industry: It’s Rise, Future and Developments!

Written by TrevStone

Previously, mobile games were just considered as a thing to kill time; they were called as the stigma of compressed quality among other gaming community. Some also rewarded them as a thing that will remain at the sidekick at the consoles and PCs.

However, today, mobile games has gone from the moving ‘Snake’ to the completely different virtual world with thousands of players playing competing with each another.

As per stats, mobile gaming solely accounts for over 76% of the Global Gaming market with the 5G technology and emerging techs like VR and AI, and more. Moreover, the real growth of the gaming world was the upshot of a series of developments. Some of the most prominent developments of the gaming world are…

Improved Mobile Hardware:

The mobile SOCs has seen drastic changes over time, not only in terms of power efficiency, but in performance as well, offering endured gaming sessions. The improvements in the hardware are so viable that you can effortlessly run many PlayStation games that too at 60fps. There are mobiles with boosted clock speeds, refresh rate displays and things dedicated to gaming.

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With powerful hardware comes better visuals, the reason why mobile gaming has evolved from thousands of players to the millions of players. With the advent of high tech mobile games,  the fidelity of consoles has started eclipsing.

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Free-To-Download And Free-To-Start:

Gamers who make up for mobile game don’t want to spend money on the games they don’t want to play. Further, the fixed price tag is a rare option for mobile gamers, the reason in-app purchases came as a primary source of revenue.

Some game makers also use playable ads to market the core game of the play.  Playable ads bring the fun of gameplay and impressive visuals, which convince players to install the game. Further, some developers are also incorporating more user-friendly form called Gacha, which offers players the in-game coins to use them for purchasing the content.

Multiplayer And Social Features:

Modern games are moving more towards the deeper social engagement, leaving behind the games that were only for the geeks. The new gaming era is social heaven for the like-minded gamers. Games of attractive Leaderboards, real-time players are becoming more popular.

Mobile E-Sports:

Sports is a growing trend with the growth more pronounced in the mobile platform. Previously, the sports has been reserved for the PC and consoles. However, things have changed, and mobile games are making inroads in the space. Further, smartphones are more approachable for the supports developers, because not only they offer the ease of playing without consols, mobile phones are more popular than consoles and PCs.

Story-Driven New Games:

Contrary to the belief, mobile platforms are the best platform to show story-driven games. There are many award-winning titles and games like OPUS and Bury (AI-based game) also offer the same experience as that of the PC and consoles.

VR And AI:

With things like PlayStation, Oculus Rift, and HTC Viva, VR hit the market. While these things become the dream toys of game developers, only some of them will able to afford the sumptuous cost of a full console-based VR setup.

However, thanks to the Gear VR, from Oculus, the mobile gamers are still in the frame of VR. Besides, the addition of Daydream was another major pushed platform into the realm of virtual reality. There are also games like Pokemon Go, which showcased the power of AR with the mobile platform.

The Future Of Gaming:

Mobile games are becoming quite popular with many games offering the free-to-play option and impressive features. This also increases the game revenue, with no signs of slowing down.  This growth is also essential because of the ease of access and the convenience of a platform.

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