The End Of An Era, Tom Brady Looks To Retire During The Offseason

Written by Jonathan Garner

By the looks of it, Tom Brady might have just played his last football game. It pains most of us to hear due to the fact that he is the greatest player to ever pick up a football. But I would not be surprised if he hangs up the pads.

Brady sure did take some big hits on the loss to the Rams, and nobody was more scared for him than his wife and children. His wife probably told him that he needs to stop putting his body at risk going up against monsters like Aaron Donald week in and week out. As a 44 year old man, his body is fragile, he can not afford to be taking hits every single week.

If this is truthfully the end to Brady’s career; he sure as hell went out with a bang. Almost finishing what was almost one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Between this game and the comeback vs the Falcons in the super bowl, he has given us so many great memories. If one thing is for certain, you never count Brady out until the game is over.

As much as it would suck to not be able to watch number 12 take the field every Sunday, the truth is that all good things come to an end. And if this is the end of an era, then I am glad to be apart of the fan base that was able to witness greatness. TB12!!!

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Jonathan Garner

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