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The Detroit Red Wings Are On The Last Steps Of The Hockeytown Rebuild

One of the most historic franchises in Hockey, and arguably all of sports, the Detroit Red Wings are about to be good again very soon.

The Detroit Red Wings at one point made the playoffs 25 straight seasons but like with every team, a rebuild was necessary. When the Wings started their rebuild many fans expected it to be a quick one but it hasn’t been but then everything changed when they brought back former player Steve Yzerman to build the type of roster he did in Tampa Bay. After years of waiting to see some glimmer of hope that this rebuild could be over in the near future, fans can finally say they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I say the rebuild could be over soon that’s not saying a Stanley Cup is in the picture soon but it does mean that the Red Wings will finally be able to play meaningful games toward the end of the year, This season has been a breath of fresh air for the Wings and their fans as they have battled with Tampa Bay on opening night and just beat a good Capitals team tonight with this young of a roster.

Steve Yzerman has come in and has done exactly what he needed to start this thing off right after former Red Wings GM Ken Holland was trying his best to screw over the rebuild. This franchise is starting to compete with good teams for a change early this season and if this keeps up for the rest of the season they could be looking at the playoffs for the first time in years and getting up the future for them to become a top NHL franchise again. This is ironic because Yzerman helped make the Red Wings a top NHL franchise as a player and is responsible for making them a top franchise again but this time as a GM.

Time to put Hockey back in Hockeytown and this could be the year the Red Wings do it.

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