Master P who is a former Charlotte Hornets, and Toronto Raptor said yesterday that rapper J.Cole is trying to earn an NBA contract and the Detroit Pistons just offered him a tryout I guess? If 2020 couldn’t get any wilder it just did.

Now I get that Cole is one of the better rap hoopers but this is kind of strange. He didn’t play at the collegiate level or on any professional circuit, and he is 35 so the chances of him making an NBA roster is slim to none but what do I know. Cole must have a new album coming out or something because this just seems like it a publicity stunt or something but you never know 2020 has been nuts.

I think it would be cool to see J.Cole in the NBA but it really doesn’t seem realistic to me but lets see where this goes who knows maybe he lands other workouts? In the mean time I wish J.Cole the best he is one of my favorite rappers! It would be a Cole World in Detroit that is for sure!