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The Detroit Lions Should Hire Zac Efron to be Their Next Head Coach

He’s young, he’s hot, he probably has some new ideas.

Why not, huh?

That’s the same rationale I am seeing for the team to replace Matt Patricia with special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs. He’s young, he’s hot, he probably has some new ideas.

Coombs at least has 8 games of NFL experience as a coordinator, albeit special teams.

People are so sick of Patricia that they think an internal hire of the young special teams coordinator is what will turn this around.

Why not Efron then?

He couldn’t be any worse, right?

I don’t know why Lions fans jump on some random train like this, choosing an incredibly unproven coach like Coombs, and expects it to reverse 60 years of misery.

“McVay is young. Kyle Shanahan is young. Matt LaFleur is young. We need a hot young coach like these guys!”

Get outta here.

While sure I think they need some fresh new ideas, saying you want Coombs to take over, when we literally know nothing about him is insane.

So far our options to coach the Lions are a rookie special teams coach, Zac Efron, and Trev.

P.S. HIRE TrevStone!

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