The Deshaun Watson Trade Will Go Down As The Worst Trade In NFL History

Written by BadBoiCiCi

He’s Jim Halpert from the office. Dudes missing work because he has court, but it’s not for jury duty. The guy is a pervert no matter how you slice it. Whether he forced himself onto these women or not he’s still going to get a bonk from me. He needs to stop fucking around with these bitches and find a woman. 

This guy is gonna start missing practice starting Thursday for his new set of hearings for the new complaints filed against him. Good thing he got 230 million in the bag because that lawyer is gonna need to be kept on retainer for a long time. 

How the Browns were so stupid as to trade for this guy and damage their relationship with Baker is beyond me. He most likely won’t even take a snap for them. This is going to keep them in the hole for a long time. They had one good year and they fucked it up. I’m so sorry Browns fans. I really am. Things couldn’t be worse. Jacoby Brissett is now your guy. I’m so sorry. 

NFL Network will feature this as the worst trade of all time when they do their countdown shows to fill air time during July of an offseason. All the Browns did was cover Deshaun’s court fees. The Texan’s might have pulled off a robbery, get it all over the news, and never face legal action for it.

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