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The Denver Broncos Are A Quarterback Away, Again.

Teams can’t figure out how to score on the Broncos. Through three games they are allowing 12 ppg. Yet, they sit with a record of 2-1. The offense can’t move the ball, and we all know that falls on the quarterback’s shoulders. The offense has seemed very limited. 

The offense of the Broncos is ugly. They have a roster that is built to win now. It appears as if the Broncos are in this never ending cycle of being a quarterback away. It looks like Russell Wilson isn’t the guy. 

The Broncos have to find a veteran quarterback, who has won in the past, that has the work ethic and fire to continue being a great player. It’ll take more than a touchdown per game to win in the playoffs, let alone this division they play in. At least the Chiefs suck (lost to the Colts).

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