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The Day Is Here! Billy Football Vs Jose Canseco Live Tonight At 8pm @Billyhottakes @JoseCanseco

Written by Jonathan Garner

The day that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Billy football is about to take down Jose Canseco! The hype surrounding the fight has been going on for months now, and it is time for Billy to prove to the world how much of a bitch Jose is. Tonight at 8pm they will enter the ring, with NO HEADGEAR. Yes you heard that correctly, no headgear. Tonight is going to be wild, and I can’t wait.

Barstool sportsbook has bets that you can place on it: Give me Billy Football all day with those odds!

Billy has the length, the speed, and the agility to take down Jose tonight. Jose has the strength, but that can only get you so far when it comes to fighting.

I dont’ know if Jose thinks he is McGregor or what, but he seems pretty confident that he will knock him out in the first round.

Tonight is going to be 3 hours of pure choas. 20 fights total, haymakers left and right, and body’s being dropped. One of which will be Canseco’s. My guess is that Billy wins in round 2! Live on

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