The Dallas Cowboys Would Have Won the Super Bowl With Dak Prescott

Written by Noah Gagnon

Uh oh, Uh oh, Uh oh, guees whose bought back into the Cowboys? Thats right, this guy has. Did we lose, yes. But damn we hung in with the best team this league has to offer, and that’s enough to have me thinking playoffs again.

Lets break it down, ok?

Garret Gilbert: Dude

Skill Players: Still good

Defense: Potentially competent?

Mike McCarthy: Remains a dunce.

This game was literally best case scenario. Due to the overall shittiness of the NFC east, we remain 1.5 games out of first place, with winnable games against Washington, Philly, Cincinatti, and New York still on the schedule. Call me over optimistic, but you can’t tell me that if they played like they did today, the boys can’t go 4-0 in that stretch. Then, for the cherry on top, Mike McCarthy is still a FUCKING ASSHOLE! He completely shat that game away through a lack of clock management, and keeping the challenge flag tucked away in his back fat.

So the Cowboys could win the division and fire McCarthy in the same season! Am I dreaming??

The only potential negative to this situation is the strong reality that this team plays just well enough to lose a top 10 pick, but just shitty enough to miss the playoffs. But honestly, what are we gonna do with a top draft pick? Is there that big of a difference between pick 4 and pick 12? Probably not. So, lets just make this season as spicy as possible, and prepare to have our hearts ripped out a few more times. We dem boyz!

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