The Dallas Cowboys Gave Jaylen Smith Tony Romo’s Number

Written by Noah Gagnon

Today the Cowboys posted a picture of Linebacker Jaylen Smith wearing the number 9, instead of his previously worn 54. Not to be a Karen but this offends me to an extreme degree. Not only is it Putrid to see a linebacker wearing a single digit number, but to be wearing Tony Romo’s 9 nonetheless? That’s a sin. I’m surprised that thing isn’t hung in the rafters of JerryWorld by now.

Now, obviously, I’m not actually offended by this, I could give a shit what number these guys wear, but it is gonna take some getting used to. Seeing a Dallas Cowboy wearing 9 again, I’m just gonna be sitting and waiting for Jaylon to drop back in the pocket, make three pass rushers miss, just to throw the ball into the arms of a lurking safety. I really think the first time I see it in action I’ll just be sitting on my couch shedding tears longing for the days of Tony Romo. Dak’s cool and everything, but you never forget your first time, you know?

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