As our exalted leader TrevStone recently revealed, The Curse of Oak Island is back with all-new season and it promises to have more excitement as treasure-hunters search for the fabled contents supposedly buried there. However, are the treasure hunters really any closer to finding the treasure, or are viewers being strung along as they have for the past seven seasons?

The Curse of Oak Island is so entertaining it doesn’t need gratuitous T&A to build ratings.

I love historical mysteries ranging from the far-out (did ancient aliens help build the pyramids) to contemporary ones such as who really assassinated John F. Kennedy. While I enjoy reading about them or watching documentaries about them, that doesn’t necessarily mean I subscribe to the theories or even think there’s a mystery behind the events in question. Sometimes the journey i.e. weighing the evidence (or wild speculation) is where the real fun lies as finding the answers is next to impossible.

I remember reading about the Oak Island mystery in Reader’s Digest back when I was a kid. I always wondered what would happen if technology improved. After all, people have been taking a go at this treasure seemingly since they heard about it and if any of the stories are true, there could be some serious bank hidden inside (not to mention some fantastic objects such as the Ark of the Covenant).

Buried treasure?

As anyone who watches the show knows, The Curse of Oak Island is as much about the historical background to the search (and the contents in question) as it is about actually finding it. Nevertheless, after repeated seasons (or even commercials for individual episodes) of promising they think they have it, I come back to Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, and the football. Here’s a video for you Philistines who don’t understand the reference…

The Curse of Oak Island is a fun show and it’s spawned a number of sequels, but anyone expecting to see them find the treasure this season or any season are in for a long wait. Yes, I’m thankful that the History Channel is no longer the home of endless documentaries on World War Two, but they’re not fooling me.


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