The Covid-19 Pandemic Apparently No Longer Exists

Written by Jleibl

Today we have officially found out that our future president will be Joe Biden and our future Vice President will be Kamala Harris. It is a day some (a lot) have been waiting for and they are filled with excitement and happiness. With that pent up happiness that they have been holding in since election day, they finally are able to let it all loose today.

As we see here, thousands are walking the streets of New York celebrating the victory for Biden and Harris. Even the New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, has joined in on the parade with fellow civilians. Especially for Mr. Schumer to jump in on this, is quite possibly the biggest hypocritical thing I have seen as he has slammed Trump and others for not following Covid-19 guidelines.

Now, I get people are excited. But were these not the same people yelling at you to never leave your house, to shut down cities, and to not be near anyone until a vaccine was found. I understand that many are excited that the person they voted for won, but are we not still in the middle of a global pandemic with numbers spiking at an all time high?

Zero social distancing. Zero guidelines being followed. Be happy, cheer, celebrate, but let’s not forget people are still dying from this virus. Joe Biden is the same man who wouldn’t leave his basement for the longest time during this election, and now all of the sudden he says nothing to all these people breaking rules and possibly spreading this virus with no care in the world.

I want to say congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, especially with Madam Vice President being our first woman Vice President, AND our first African-American woman Vice President. This is history before our very eyes. But now that the election is over and all the bs political nonsense is done, let’s not forget we are still dealing with a global pandemic, get back home, and stop congregating in large crowds.

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