Andrew Luck retired. Moving on…

The Colts currently have capable backup Jacoby Brissett, Swag Kelly and Temple’s own Philip Walker. YIKES!

Fret not, horseshoe nation, there are viable solutions out there and your GM Chris Ballard only has to make ONE call to talk about your TWO best options.

Drew Brees is aging backward in New Orleans, and they have his replacements battling each other right now in what seems to be the greatest QB room in the history of the NFL with Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater.

The Colts might go 8-8 with Brissett, but I don’t see him putting up even 75% of the production Andrew Luck was delivering. So, if they’re going to capitalize on this impressive, young core they have put together, they have to get a QB they can contend with. Chris, I hope you’re on the phone and not reading this buddy…

Teddy Bridgewater offers you experience, a track record of sound decision-making, and he has the biggest “prove-it” attitude in the league right now. People forget that Bridgewater was a Pro-Bowler before the incident.

Obviously, the biggest red flag is Bridgewater’s left leg. He has shown his mobility is still there with his brief playing time with the Saints, but the type of injury Bridgewater he sustained is not something to ignore and move on from.

The Colts are in a position to gamble though, and the upside could be way bigger than the draft pick they’d be giving up to get him. But if they want upside, they should be asking about Taysom Hill.

There might not be a more exciting QB in the league than Taysom Hill, and he’s never started a game. When the Packers waived him in 2017, I had this bad feeling that he was going to go to a team and ball out; which he certainly has in New Orleans.

Hill has lined up at 7 different positions for the Saints. He’s blocked punts, returned kicks, ran for touchdowns and he can still play QB at a high level. If the Colts were to trade for Hill, they’d be making an investment in him for the long haul. Brissett would certainly be starting to begin the season, but Hill could instantly contribute while he gets acclimated with their system.

I’m not a Colts fan per say, but I want to see the team that Frank Reich and Chris Ballard have assembled flourish because I love good football. 

Make the call Ballard, pick whatever one you like, and let’s see what they can do! 

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