The Clippers Are Becoming The Most Obnoxious Team In The NBA

Written by Will

Ever since the Clippers got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George the team has been getting slowly annoying. Now it’s just out of hand. The Clippers were annoying last season. The Clippers were all talk. For starters, Patrick Beverly is the definition of all talk. He acts so tough when in reality, he isn’t. He acts like he’s some superstar, and we all know he isn’t close to that. One of the most annoying NBA players.

The Clippers talked a lot last season. I have no problem with it if you can back it up. The Clippers couldn’t. The Clippers were waving by to the Trailblazers when they only got one more round farther than the Trailblazers. And then you have the Paul George quote from a few days ago.

This is why it’s so hard to like Paul George. He never takes accountability. Claiming Doc Rivers tried to play him like a spot-up shooter. That’s just not true, George averaged the second-most shots per game on the Clippers. Not Doc’s fault he scored ten points in game seven. Plus, zero fourth-quarter points.

And now we get to the most recent quote. Marcus Morris out of all people trying to talk trash. Saying the Clippers were the better team. The Clippers committed one of the biggest choke jobs in sports history. Up 3-1 in the series, not only did they choke the series away and lose in seven, but the Clippers blew second-half leads in all three close out games. Don’t come in here talking about how you were the better team when you just choked. This is why the Clippers are becoming obnoxious. Acting like some team that has won multiple championships when in reality, the Clippers have never made a conference finals. All bark, no bite.

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