The Cleveland Guardians finish their road trip 7-2!


When the Cleveland Indians changed their brand name to the Cleveland Guardians, A LOT of people/fans had A LOT of push-back. However, it seems that those same people, are now embracing the brand name change and loving this team!

The bones of the Guardians are STRONG and they aren’t going to break! The young, talented team is here to stay, because they are relentless, positive, and they have A LOT of fight in them. The Guardians are the youngest team in MLB, and they always show that they are willing to overcome every obstacle.

With their team-leader and All-Star, Jose Ramirez, at the helm, this talented Guardians team is such a fun team to watch! They bring joy back to baseball, and as of now, they are tied for the A.L. Central top spot. Ramirez has been the beating heart of this team and he is a proven leader. With Ramirez, Naylor, Sponge Bob(Oscar Gonzalez), Owen Miller, Myles Straw, Obie-Kwan, and a cast of other young, talented ball players!

This young, talented Guardians team is hot and they are not going anywhere! The rest of the MLB needs to watch out!

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