The Cleveland Cavaliers are showing their True Colors

There may be no NBA team over the history of the game that is more mediocre than the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s hard to zero in on where to start with this team, but in terms of recent news let’s start with the head coaching situation. The Cavaliers recently fired Tyronn Lue, and have searching for a new head coach to replace him. They’ve considered associate head coach Larry Drew, as he’s the most qualified coach on the Cleveland bench. Drew knows hoe Cleveland treats their coaches however, and isn’t willing to accept the role as full-time head coach unless receiving some extra money to do so. For everyone criticizing Drew for this decision remember one thing, Cleveland has a history of burning head coaches. Ask David Blatt, Tyronn Lue, or even Mike Brown about how much respect the Cavaliers front office has for the head coaching position. Larry Drew is ABSOLUTELY in the right to refuse the head coaching position. He’s had a front row seat to the dysfunction that exists in the team’s front office,and he’s simply refusing to be yet another victim of Cleveland’s complacency.

JR Smith, when asked by a reporter if he’d like to be traded, openly answered with a simple, yet definite “Yes”. Personally, I found that to be hilarious. Smith won an NBA championship with this team. He’s been a key contributor to their recent four appearances in the NBA finals. Yet, things have gotten so bad in “The Land”, he publicly agreed to a question from the media asking if he wanted to be traded. Now mind you, Smith’s frustration with the team stems from a lack of playing time this season. One part of why Coach Lue was fried was that he was more so in favor of giving the veterans (like Smith) quality minutes, while Cavaliers management leaned towards giving younger players those same quality minutes. Why the final decision wasn’t reached during the off-season is anyone’s guess, and Lue’s job was instead taken away early into the season.

If anyone has any doubts about the “GOAT Status” of Lebron James, just remember that he was able to hide EVERY SINGLE FACET of dysfunction that existed within this Cleveland organization for four years.

Look on the bright side Cleveland, at least Dan Gilbert finally “got his team back”.

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Ashanti Lee Seabron