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The Chicago Bears And Justin Fields Might Suck; Did Not See That Coming

Written by BadBoiCiCi

I don’t know if the game plan just fell apart, if the coaches don’t trust him, if it’s just us against the Packers or if Justin Fields is actually just that bad. To be a starting quarterback and only have 191 passing yards through two full games is awful. I mean Joe flacco is almost leading the league in yards and he is 37 years old and wasn’t expecting to take snaps coming into the season. 

It’s the same old Bears, new coach, same 12 plays. Run the stretch and they can’t seal the edge. Run the pitch and they can’t seal the edge. Run it up the middle and David Montgomery gets the hardest fought four yards you’ve ever seen and now it’s 3rd and 12. Will Justin Fields even break 2000 passing yards this season? At this rate, if he plays all 17 games, he will finish with 1,600 pass yards. 

I hope the Bears can right the ship in a winnable, but not easy game against the Texans. I fear the Texans are better than the Bears, but that remains to be seen. It’s been how many years and we still can’t replace Rex Grossman? Mitch Trubisky isn’t walking through that door to save us and seal another playoff berth.

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