The Cavaliers Are Exploring Trade Options For Collin Sexton And The Heat Are Interested

Written by Will

The Collin Sexton and potential trade drama keeps increasing. Sexton is coming off his third and best season of his career, averaging 24.3/4.4/3.1. Sexton and Garland made massive improvements over this past season, both look like future all-stars, plus with the Cavs getting the third overall pick, the future looks bright for this young Cavaliers squad. Just one issue, the Cavs have been rumored to trade Sexton this off-season. Sexton is eligible for a contract extension and he will be looking for a huge pay day. If the Cavs don’t come to an agreement with Sexton then he will be a restricted free agent next summer.

This is year four of the rebuild, it’s time to start pushing for the playoffs and that is what makes this decision so important for the future of the Cavaliers. Sexton has improved year after year, but he will be looking for a big pay day and who knows if the Cavs want to pay that. The Heat with Sexton would be interesting. Sexton with Bam and Jimmy Butler would make the Heat a playoff lock and possibly a contender in the east. If the Cavaliers trade Sexton, they have to get a huge return. Sexton is 22, has improved every year, and played an all-star level.

As a Cavs fan, I don’t understand why the Cavs or fans want to trade Sexton. He is young and has plenty of potential. Of course he is going to want a huge extension but that’s the price you have to pay for someone with the potential of Collin Sexton.

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