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The Calgary Flames Will NOT be Paying Their Hourly and Event Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by tRy25

That’s great guys. Bravo to you, billionaire sports group. Practice your legal right not to pay the employees who work their asses off to provide the best fan experience on game days so you can make more money than God. Why on earth would you even consider extending a little good will to the people who work hard all year for YOU? What a joke.

The best part is, a player will probably come out and foot the bill. A player that makes a sliver of a percentage of what the owner of the team makes. Just like in Florida where Sergei Bobrovski pledges $100,000 to workers while the Panthers ownership will “take care of any leftover expenses”. Uh, HELLO?! The owners are taking care of the leftovers??????

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