The Buffalo Bills Are Expected To Hire An Ex-National Championship Coach #BillsMafia

Written by austenlange

It appears that with the hiring of OC Ken Dorsey the Buffalo Bills decided to go out and hire ex-Panthers OC Joe Brady.

Brady will be taking over the role of the QB coach, which is a downgrade from his previous position as Offensive Coordinator but we all have to start somewhere.

Brady is one of the youngest brightest minds in all of football and having him added onto a staff with Josh Allen, is awesome.

I really do hope Brady is able to sit behind a good OC and learn how to manage a NFL offense. He was a vital part in making 2019 LSU what they were and some have even accredited him to a vast majority of Joe Burrows rise to stardom.

Really pulling for Brady, I know he’ll be able to make it all work in the end.

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