The Brooklyn Nets SHOULD NOT Trade For James Harden

Written by Noah Gagnon

Gulp. According to Shams the Nets have emerged as finalists to trade for James Harden, and they’ve prepared to offer… a lot. Uh oh. Check it out.

Yup. 4 First Round picks and three swaps. Four first round picks?!?!?! Have we not learned out lesson? Did we not do this same exact thing years ago for guys in Boston? Did that not tank the franchise for years? We finally have this thing on the right track, and we’re just gonna sell the entire future?

Seven years. That deal would effect the Brooklyn Nets franchise for seven years. KD (love him) is coming off an achilles, Harden is slowly declining, and Kyrie might never play again for all we know. There’s no chance these guys are on the team for anywhere close to seven years!! Sure, we might get two years of some wildly fun basketball, but what happens when they’re all gone by 2024, and we don’t have any picks for the next 3 years?

And schematically I don’t even know if the guy fits in. This team plays dog shit defense. If there’s one thing James Harden is known for, it’s dog shit defense. This team at times plays too much iso ball. James Harden is gonna make that problem 10x worse. The Nets don’t need more scorers and guys that are gonna dribble the air out of the ball, they need players who are gonna play defense and take care of the basketball.

Plus, just think about a Kyrie/Harden marriage. What could go wrong? Those two would literally drop an octagon at half court and engage in fisticuffs within a quarter of being on the same team. I don’t imagine GM Sean Marks is a big ProSportsExtra reader, but if by some miracle he comes across this, I’d like to leave him a final message.

Trading for James Harden would literally rip open the rectum of this franchise, and butt-fuck it all the way through its intestines, out of its mouth, and back through its own asshole for years to come. DON’T DO IT!!!!

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