The Brooklyn Nets Made a Phenomenal Lineup Decision Tonight

Written by Noah Gagnon

With Spencer Dinwiddie being out for the rest of the season for Brooklyn, I was praying and hoping for a specific Net to take his spot in the lineup. Obviously, Caris LeVert has been playing the sixth man role this season, carrying the second unit, so he wasn’t really a candidate for the job. Worst case scenario: Taurean Prince starts.

Listen, I’m a life long Nets fan, and I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a player more than Taurean Prince … and I watched Paul Pierce in Brooklyn. We’re two years into this Prince thing and the guy just shows no signs of improvement. He chucks up nothing but bricks from three, is completely lost defensively, and is irrationally careless with the basketball. Nothing makes me wanna throw my remote through the television screen more than watching Caris LeVert carve through three defenders, kick it out to TP for a wide open look, and Prince incompetently shoot a line drive off the back iron for the sixth time in a row. So, if I had to watch that during crunch-time minutes my heart might freaking stop.

Best case scenario: TLC steps up in Dinwiddie’s absence. Although he’s has far less name recognition and a far smaller contract, Luwawu-Cabbarot is a wagon of the bench. The guy plays extremely hard, is never phased by big moments, creates his own shot, and completely waps from three. This is a guy who started the season on the third team, and earned more minutes literally 30 seconds into his season debut. He’s 100% the right candidate to replace Dinwiddie … and he’s going too.

This is so awesome to see because it shows how much of a handle Nash has on this team. TLC is gonna put on a god damn show tonight, don’t get him confused for Kevin Durant.

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