The Brooklyn Nets Have Destroyed the Team By Trading for Harden

Written by Noah Gagnon

I am dead. I am no longer a human being. My soul has left my body. That trade was so fucking atrocious for the Brooklyn Nets. What am I even rooting for anymore? Two of my three favorite players were traded, and for what? A guy thats gonna score? We don’t need scoring!!!

Brooklyn is losing Caris Levert and Jarrett Allen. Those men felt like my brothers. What happens when Harden is completely out of shape and we have no bench? WHO THE FUCK IS OUR CENTER???? DEANDRE JORDAN???? HE FUCKING SUCKKKKSSSSS!!!! SHIIIITTTTTT!!!!!

And look at all these draft picks we just gave up! Whats gonna happen when KD/Kyrie/Harden are gone in two years, and we’ve already pissed our future down the toilet.

Don’t even get me started on whats gonna happen on the court. Defensively, this is going to be a fucking disaster. The Nets are gonna give up 150 ppg, and just hope and pray they can score 140.

Kyrie and Harden on the same team. Those two should mesh well, right? OF COURSE NOT!!! They’re gonna be at each others throats all season, if Kyrie ever comes back onto the damn court. At least we have a competent coach to manage all of these personalities right? No. Steve Nash fucking blows, and has no idea how to coach a basketball game. I forsee losing in 6 in the ECF, Harden or Kyrie asking for a trade this offseason (or retiring), and the Nets being left with no depth, and no future. BRB, gonna cry myself to sleep, then wake up, and throw myself off of a bridge.

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Noah Gagnon

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