The Brooklyn Nets are so back

Written by Noah Gagnon

Brrrrroooooooookkkkkklllllyyyynnnn. They should’ve killed us when they had the chance. Down 21, come all the way back to not only win, but cover the -3.5. Jokic who? Have you met Blake Griffin, bro? Yeah sure Denver has the MVP on their team, but the guy just simply can’t compete with Nicky Claxton. Oh yeah, and Harden’s not even back yet lolololololololololololololol.

I’m sorry but once this team is healthy, maybe even if they’re not, nobody is stopping them. And I know a bunch of boobs will try to use the Milwaukee losses against the Nets, but they gave ZERO EFFORT in those games. Kinda similar to the first half tonight. What happens when they actually play hard though? Come back from down 21 points and completely belittle the league MVP.

Oh yeah, and even on a night in which he didn’t have his best game, I’d still be willing to give my life for Joe Harris. Mike James a close second. See you in the finals, bitches.

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