The Brooklyn Nets are Gonna Lay Wood vs Denver Tonight

Written by Noah Gagnon

HEADLINE CLARIFICATION: By ‘lay wood’ I mean deep penetration. We’re talking an absolute bloodbath, slaughter, and insurrection in Brooklyn tonight. Not gonna be close. Nets are +1, they should be -8. Am I bias? Of course. But I actually believe this one. Let me explain why.

Don’t get me wrong, the Nets have played some shitty ball lately, but all of their clunkers have come against bad teams. They’ve lost to the Hornets, Hawks, Wizards, Thunder, and Grizzlies twice. 4/5 teams are below .500. Their 5 wins, however, have come against Golden State, Boston, Atlanta, Utah, and Philadelphia. All of those teams sit at .500 or better. This team just shows up differently against high level competition.

No Kyrie? Sucks, but doesn’t really effect the above statistic. The KD/Kyrie combo doesn’t really seem to effect how much the Nets show up for a game. They clowned the Jazz with no KD, murdered the Sixers without both KD and Kyrie, but shat the bed against Atlanta with both of them in the game.

The thing that gives me the most confidence tonight is *gulp* Steve Nash. Despite his Frequent Incompetence this season, he’s shown a weird tendency to listen to Nets twitter. And not to be that guy, but at many times this season Nets Twitter has known far more about the roster than Nash himself, and him listening to us has been largely beneficial. We said play TLC more, he did. We said play Bruce Brown more, he did. We said Start Jarrett Allen more, he did. As wild as it sounds us fans have probably watched way more Nets ball in our lives then Nash, and those suggestions have worked.

Unfortunately, Nash went back to his old ways, rotations and schemes on Sunday … and got shit slapped by the fledgeling Oklahoma City Thunder. This leads me to believe that he’ll turn to twitter for solutions, and get things right tonight.

Am I saying all this because it makes me feel like I have an impact on what happens on the floor? Yup. Don’t care. I LOVE Brooklyn tonight, and if we drop three straight, there will be tantrums thrown.

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