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The Broncos Are In Trouble, Case Keenum Will Start Tomorrow Night For The Browns

Here we go, the man with an 85.1 QB rating, the legend with a 75-47 TD-INT over 8 years, Case Keenum is here to take over. With Baker Mayfield out with a torn labrum we have a great backup for Baker to show out against Denver. Denver actually has a really good defense but it’s partly overrated and if Case does what I’m hoping, he’ll expose the real holes of Denver because that’s what Case does.

We have Case playing against his old team in Denver, and with Nick Chubb And Kareem Hunt both out I think this is going to be a standout game for Keenum. I’ve truly enjoyed watching him play over the year even though this may seem a joke, and hopefully this game can help Case standout. Baker will most likely be back next year but I mean plenty of teams could use a good starter this could be a chance, I think him and Odell are about to be Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Get ready Denver Case Keenum is coming for you.

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