The Brogan Roback Era Has Officially begun for the Dallas Renegades

Written by austenlange

As we all know Brogan Roback was just signed by the XFL Dallas Renegades. After a very strong opening weekend I wasn’t sure if the XFL had anymore strings left to pull but they went and totally caught my full undivided attention. Brogan was the star of the 2018 season of Hard Knocks, and will continue to be a household name in the Dallas area because he is EXACTLY what this franchise needs. He is full of confidence, swag and just everything you could ask for in your starting QB. I wasn’t all to sure if I’d care too much for this Dallas Renegades team but this move has me now looking into becoming a season ticket holder. Brogan the next game I guarantee I will be there screaming my fat ass for you, whether you take any snaps or not. (How could they not play you?)

Brogan will win over this city’s heart and become the biggest name in the history of Dallas Qb’s and trust me we have a few that are pretty worth a fuck.

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