The Braves Got Screwed Against The Phillies

The Atlanta Braves got completely screwed tonight against the Phillies. The game was tied, 6-6 in the top of the ninth. Alec Bohm was running home from third to give the Phillies the lead, Bohm didn’t even touch the plate but was ruled safe. The umpires then went to review the play, and everyone outside of Philadelphia assumed the call would be overturned…nope.

The call stood and the Phillies took the lead and won the game 7-6. If you cannot get the call right after reviewing it then what’s the point of even having replay? I understand missing a call in real-time, but to then go look at it and not see how bad the call was is inexcusable. Awful umpires striking again in baseball. Fix this garbage Rob Manfred.

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