The Boys is an All Time Show

Written by Connor McLoughlin

In late July Amazon Prime came out with a new show titled The Boys. Essentially the show is about a group of superheroes known as The Seven, but pretty much all of them are assholes and some company called Vought is making money off of them trying to get them to be in the military, which no one wants.

The Flash hero, A-Train, runs through the main characters, Hughie, girlfriend and doesn’t think anything of it because, well, he’s a hero. Fueled by rage, Hughie is recruited by Butcher, who is portrayed by Karl Urban, who also has his own vendetta against The Seven.

There are only 8 episodes out right now in the first season, but with how well the show is filmed and produced you can definitely be expecting at least 3-4 more seasons in my opinion. The show currently has an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is fair I think because of how fast somethings are gone through and explained; also, along with how graphic the show is as well.

Overall, the show is a hit and I cannot wait to binge the next season!

P.S. The show is based off a comic book series with the same name*


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