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The Boston Red Sox Look Like The Best Team In Baseball Right Now, Number 10 Right Around The Corner

First of all, look at the beauty of this picture, Lil Papi and the face of the Boston Red Sox fanbase with the jacket, just absolutely beautiful. Man oh man though, what a post season Boston and Kiké are having I mean cmon we couldn’t play any better baseball than we are right now against Houston and it’s just going to keep rolling.

Nobody expected us to beat the rays like we did, well Sox fans did but the rest of baseball? They were all so confident in the Rays taking us out and doing what the Yankees couldn’t and what do you know, just like we have done all season we proved the people wrong. We won the series 3-1 and dropped our fucking nuts on peoples heads, and Kiké, man I love Kiké, he finished them off with a walk off to end the series and it gave us the boost like coke for the rest of the postseason and he’s carried his momentum into Houston.

Yankees fans are miserable right now at the sight of Boston Vs Houston and I couldn’t be happier especially since we’re dog walking Houston. Look we lost game 1 in almost embarrassing fashion with Chris Sale playing like my dead grandpa having to be pulled in the third, and then our offense couldn’t hit off Valadez who looked worse than fucking Chris Sale. It was a mess but then the past two games we’ve taken the Astros skull, and we are just using it as a fleshlight and just beating our dick off with it and finishing with it. It’s orgasmic to watch how good this team is playing right now I mean, last night we hit 4 home runs including another grand slam this series. Incase anyone has missed we hit 2 grand slams almost back to back in game 2 vs Houston and we’re rolling with them.

I would love to watch the Braves beat the Dodgers and then we just get handed an easy championship. Boston fans couldn’t be any happier right now, our time is now and Yankees fans can eat our gooch.

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