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The Boston Bruins Removed A Boston PD Logo From Charlie Coyle’s T-Shirt on Their Social Media the Other Day

Can Neely issues a statement that the team did, in fact, edit out a Boston PD logo from Charlie Coyle’s tshirt on their Instagram account. He claims they were trying to protect the player from “unfair criticism”.

This comes off the heels of twitter losing its collective mind over Tuukka Rask wearing a Boston PD hat on the NBC Broadcast during the first day of return to play.

People need to use a healthy dose of common sense hear. We’re in a time where the Black Lives Matter movement has finally gained the attention it needs. Tensions have run high between citizens and the police force as the movement has called for an end of police brutality, something anyone with a functioning brain should be able to get behind.

Problem is, we’ve now gone overboard as a society against any type of police support. We’re now crushing athletes for wearing a police shirt? Many of these players are friends with the BPD as they detail games and work together in the community. We seem to forget how incredible our first responders were during the marathon bombing in 2013, and the relationship that was built between them and all the Boston sports teams in the wake of that awful day.

Everyone needs to chill out a bit. Rask and Coyle wearing BPD March doesn’t mean they’re against Black Lives Matter. We don’t need to go to the extreme of editing out those logos on social media. Unfortunately, that’s the dark side social media brings. Everyone blows everything up hoping for likes and retweets over a logo on a shirt or hat. These movements are supposed to bring people together but reactions like this do anything but.

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