The Biggest Sporting Events of 2022

The Super Bowl is over. It already feels like the biggest thing to look forward to this year is done with in February. There will be a lot of NFL fans across the country spending time on until next November when the season kicks off again, and the merry-go-round starts all over again.

In the meantime, there’s a lot that sports fans can get involved with. Some of the biggest and baddest high-octane events will be kicking off this year, so we’re breaking down our favourites for you to look forward to. Read on for details on the biggest sporting events of the year.

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NCAA March Madness

Basketball fans won’t need to wait long to get their dose of adrenaline. In fact, they only have to wait until March 13th to feel the heat on the court, when Selection Sunday kicks off.

And “madness” really is the name of the game. There is chaos expected on and off the court, with every single one of the top six teams in the AP Top 25 having lost on Saturday February 26th. It was a historic moment, perhaps not a record you’d want to break. Every game resulted in a tie, leaving no wiggle room in the standings.

You can bet that will result in a lot of players with something to prove hitting the court. An all-out tie is not something that can be accepted in competitive sport. This one is going to get interesting.

Launch of the NHL season

By the time October comes around, the summer sports will have had their moment. All the tennis players at Wimbledon and the cyclists at the Tour de France will have gone back into hibernation and the hockey players will be waking up.

The opening of the NHL season will kick off with a doubleheader on October 12th. The Tampa Bay Lightning will raise their third Stanley Cup banner only to then defend it against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

This will be followed up by the Seattle Kraken’s debut to the regular-season NHL games against the Vegas Golden Knights. It’s sure to be a nail-biting experience.

FIFA World Cup

There’s a lot of buzz around this year’s FIFA World Cup, including whether or not the biggest event in world soccer will even go ahead. It’s been stalled and hindered due to travel restrictions amongst other things, including the climate of Qatar, which in itself has been a point of controversy and countries are being banned from playing for various reasons.

And yet, the qualifiers are being played as we speak, and the list of who is playing in Qatar in December is growing. At the moment that list is filled with recognizable names like returning champions Germany, Brazil, France, and Argentina, as well as the host team and a few surprises like Iran and Senegal.

But amongst them will be the reliable USA team, who will have to put on quite the performance to show they’re worthy of their 2026 stint at hosting. Canada, Mexico, and the USA are sharing hosting duties, and all will be in Qatar in December to show they can play with the best of them. 

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