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The Big Man on Campus is Back! Jeff Nadu is Returning to Barstool Sports – @JeffNadu @barstoolsports

One of the more popular personalities for Barstool Sports is returning to the company after Rico Bosco didn’t show up to his Picks Central assignment earlier today.

That’s right. Dave Portnoy has announced that Jeff Nadu aka ‘The Big Man on Campus’ is coming back to Barstool after leaving his position back in February.

With the show being hosted by Brandon Walker, Nadu will be joining the Picks Central round of guests such as Big Ev, Mintzy, Marty Mush, and Smitty Barstool.

With having Jeff back in the Barstool lineup, there is a potential that he can help take the Picks Central podcast to a whole another level.

Welcome back to Barstool, Jeff! Stoolies really missed ya there!

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