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The Best Video Game Streamers Are From Michigan | Here They Are… The Top 8 #MichiganPride | @ChrisCovent @KingGeorge @TheTrueVanguard @Nightbloo @dakotaz @NICKMERCS @TSM_Myth @Ninja

Written by TrevStone

There is no doubt the best video game streamers are born in Michigan. It’s weird, it must be something in the air. I’m a Michigander, not a streamer but enjoy watching streamers… Recently it hit me was that majority of the big named streamers are from Michigan!

I know there are more than 8 streamers from Michigan that could have possibly have been listed but I figured I’d leave it at 8 and allow everyone to comment who else should be added. Let’s get this started.

8. Covent

Chris Covent is the first Michigander on the list.

Honestly… if this list was my favorite streamers list Covent would be at the top of this list! His range of gaming throughout the last year includes all the major games but his comedy and ability to perform along with being able talk to his chat while playing is very impressive.

His community is a very tight community which is very respectful.

Click here to watch his stream!

Twitter: @ChrisCovent | YouTube: Chris Covent |His Instagram @ChrisCovent

7. KingGeorge

KingGeroge’s real name is George Kassa. George went from playing professionally to mainly focusing on his stream.

“What I’m doing now is far better for me in the long term than playing professionally,” Kassa said. “It’s better financially, and I have more control over my time and the content I produce.”

He has over 270K subscribers on his YouTube channel, click here to subscribe!

Click here to watch his stream!

6. True Vanguard

True Vanguard real name is… True Vanguard. He has gained widespread popularity there for his Destiny gameplay walkthroughs, tutorials, and Let’s Play videos. He is mostly popular for his YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has over 250K subscribers, click here to view his account.

Click here to watch his stream!

5. Nightblue3

To be honest before I started this list I didn’t know who Night Blue was. His real name is, Rabia Yazbek. He was born in Dearborn, Michigan. He was a member of the professional team Sirens A in 2013 before joining Team SoloMid in 2014.

Currently he is a Professional League of Legends gamer and full-time Twitch streamer.

NightBlue is currently at 2.7M subscribers on YouTube, click here to subscribe.

Click here to watch his stream!

4. Dakotaz

Dakotaz real name is Brett Hoffman. He’s been streaming on Twitch since 2012 and his Fortnite game play brought him to become one of the biggest streamers on the Twitch platform.

He currently has over 3.05M subscribers on YouTube, click here to subscribe.

Click here to watch his stream!

3. Nick Mercs

Nick Mercs real name is Nick Kolcheff. He joined the streaming platform Twitch in 2011, one of the early birds. His comedy while playing is unlike anyone else on this list besides Covent. Nick has multiple family members who played football for the University of Michigan.

Nick currently has over 2M subscribers on YouTube, click here to subscribe.

Click here to watch his stream!

2. Myth

Myth whose real name is Ali Kabbani is one of the most popular streamers in the World. Myth has been playing video games since he was four years old, he started his YouTube channel in 2013 but didn’t upload until 2016.

He’s from the Dearborn Area.

He currently has over 4.41M subscribers on YouTube, click here to subscribe.

Click here to watch his stream!

1. Ninja –

Ninja whose real name is Tyler Blevins is easily the most known streamer in the World. Ninja has been a competitive gamer for years but is mostly known for streaming Fortnite.

Ninja is a huge Detroit Lions fan and has had the opportunity to do the celebrity coin toss before a game.

He currently has over 22.4M subscribers on YouTube, click here to subscribe.

Click here to watch his stream!

This is something everyone on here can agree on… GO BLUE!!! Unless you’re a Michigan State fan. Either way…. I hope that you enjoyed this blog, feel free to follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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