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There are multiple benefits associated with competition in children. Competition inspires people to put forth their best effort, and it sparks motivation. Competition creates an atmosphere of pushing one to expand their abilities and perform at their best. Moreover, competition in children can teach sharing, empathy, teamwork and boost their self-esteem. As children compete in various events, they learn how to win and lose, which is a skill that translates into their adult life. The importance of competition demonstrates the need to infuse it into children’s lives.

Much of children’s exposure to competition comes in the form of organized sports, such as soccer. Soccer competition is a low stake way of helping children increase their soccer skills. Research has found that regular soccer competitions can enhance soccer training because they will learn how other players perform soccer skills. Additionally, soccer competition can give kids a “growth mindset,” or perception that they are able to enhance their soccer skills rather than remain stagnant. Due to the overwhelming amount of benefits associated with competition, Playform, a mobile-based AI soccer coach, has implemented a competition feature into its interface. Competition embedded into soccer training has the potential to improve football skills significantly (another name for soccer), and we are excited that Playform has added it into their app. 

Playform has been celebrated amongst young soccer players during the pandemic because it’s given them away to practice soccer drills while maintaining social distancing standards. Parents have also celebrated Playform for its ease of use and efficiency in busy times. With all the available football drills, the app has significantly impacted young soccer players’ abilities to efficiently and effectively engage in soccer training. Until recently, the one element that Playform lacked was the competitive component that players gained from in-person football competitions. Since the start of COVID-19, many soccer teams have struggled to find safe ways to compete. The app’s recent update has included a tab for competition with many features to make it engaging and fun to meet the need. In this article, we will review Playform’s new football competition features.

Competing Football Skills Against Players Around the World

When users open the app, they can click on the “compete” tab at the bottom of the screen. Multiple football competitions will pop up, such as the Scissor Challenge, the Golden Head, and many more. The football competitions on this homepage last for short periods of time, often only for a week. Once the challenge has expired, a new one takes its place. There is always something new and exciting for users to join in by changing active competitions regularly. Players can tap on the challenges to get a brief description of the soccer drill. For example, a challenge that recently ended is the L Challenge, designed to help players keep control over the ball and change directions in tight places. 

Once a football drill challenge entices the player, they can click the “play now” button, taking the player to a video demonstration of the football drill used for the challenge. The demonstration also provides players with a list of equipment needed and field measurements. Once the player has a good sense of what they need to do for the competition, they click “got it, next,” which will bring them to the competition screen. The Playform app will record the player completing the soccer drill for a set amount of time, then once completed, the app will ask for the player’s birthday and height; this allows the player to be put into their correct age category, so they are competing against players of a similar age. Scores are then calculated and placed on a leadership board where players can see how they compare to others in a similar age group around the world. Players can complete the challenge as many times as they’d like to try and make it to the top of the leaderboard. The fun and engaging nature of the football drill challenges makes players want to repeat the drill multiple times, which helps them rank higher on the leadership board while simultaneously improving their skills. It’s a win-win!

Football Skill Challenges with Friends

Worldwide challenges are fun, but sometimes players want to host a friendly competition with their teammates or friends. Platform’s competition feature allows for small competitions among friends to accommodate this want! There is an option entitled “Create a challenge,” which will enable players to choose a soccer drill and invite their friends for a 24-hour challenge on the football competition home screen. There are a wide variety of soccer drills to choose from, such as throwing the ball overhead while standing or sitting, kicking drills, passing drills, or workouts (e.g., lunges, bridges, squats). The list of possible football skills challenges is seemingly endless as players can host a challenge with just about any skill imaginable. The limitless options make it easy to host a new challenge and focus on developing a new skill each week.

 Once the soccer drill is chosen, you will have the option to invite friends through various means. Players can send the invite link via text message, email, or social media. Friends do not have to have the Playform app to participate currently. The link they receive will prompt them to download the app and place them in the competition. The link makes adding friends to the challenge seamless and easy, which is conducive to an efficient and effective challenge environment.


As Playform evolves to meet player demands and needs, we will likely see more innovative features updated within the interface. The new competition options are an excellent addition to any current soccer training regimen. There are endless competition options that allow for a fun way to improve soccer skills while feeling connected to other players.

Download the Playform App and start competing !

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