The Best Part About The Jalen Suggs Buzzer-Beater Was That Adam Morrison Was On The Call

We got the best game of the year last night between UCLA and Gonzaga. This game was everything you wanted out of a Final Four game. Wire to wire with a buzzer-beater to end it. Doesn’t get much better than that. One more thing made this even more special for Gonzaga. Former Gonzaga player Adam Morrison being on the call for this game. All you hear is Morrison screaming “yes” and “wow” over and over again. You know this had to be extra special for Morrison because of that 2006 loss to UCLA.

Morrison hasn’t been able to get away from that game. He is attached to it, but last night had to feel awesome for him. Gonzaga and Morrison finally got revenge on UCLA. Now we get Gonzaga vs Baylor Monday night, the two best teams all season playing for the title. How it should be. I know many were saying this was the least anticipated Final Four ever, but hey, we should get a hell of a matchup Monday night.

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