The Best Moments of Week One in the XFL

Written by Brad Shepard

The XFL made its glorious return to football this past weekend, and by all accounts it was a genuine success.

The football organization averaged 3.3 million viewers per game – for context, the now defunct AAF averaged 2.9 million viewers in week one. The games on FS1 and ABC were the highest rated sporting events of the day, outperforming every NBA and college basketball game on either channel.

 The XFL has already sold more tickets than the entire history of the AAF and stayed trending on Twitter throughout the weekend.

Outside of the nerdy numbers, the quality of play was pretty good – a drastic difference from their first shot in 2001.

The rules and accessibility were different in a good way, whether it be the kickoffs, the catch rule, transparent officiating, no point after kicks, or sideline interviews immediately following a big play.

Bottom line, everyone looked like they were having fun. It was truly, “For the love of football.”

Week one wasn’t just good football though. It was a build-up of fun moments that we’ll remember throughout the season. Let’s take at some of the best moments of week one in the XFL.


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