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The Ben Simmons Drama Continues

The Ben Simmons drama continues as he wants out of Philadelphia and the team still hasn’t dealt him. Simmons has said numerous times that he won’t play again in Philadelphia which will bring to an end a great defensive duo with Simmons and Embiid. Simmons is mentally done with the entire Sixer organization and this could get uglier way faster.

Simmons was drafted by the Sixers No. 1 overall in the 2016 NBA draft and has turned into a phenomenal player but there is just one issue, his shot. The biggest issue between him and the organization is he hasn’t developed an ounce of a respectable shot, but worse of all he’s afraid to shoot during games. There are videos of Ben shooting in the gym having a decent shot but when it comes to game time he refuses to shoot time and time again. And now Embiid has criticized him in a different way.

While talking to the media this is what Embiid had to say about the organization and Simmons relationship.

According to Embiid, the team went away from Jimmy Butler to AL Horford due to Simmons. This shines some bad light on Simmons if this is true. Essentially the Sixers broke up a championship-level team because Simmons needed the ball in his hands more. That is where the relationship started to strain between Simmons and everyone else in that building. As a player, your goal is to win and the second-best player on your team dictated the decision to not bring back Jimmy Butler costing the Sixers that chance.

Simmons is a top defender and playmaker in the NBA and has become underrated in my opinion but the fact that he still doesn’t have a reliable jumper has hurt his value on the market. Sixers want a Paul George type of package when he was dealt from OKC to LAC and that’s not a possibility one bit.

With every day that this continues his value diminishes because more baggage is going to come out turning away more teams. This breakup has gotten ugly and it could get uglier if Simmons decides to retaliate against Embiid’s comments today.

This drama is far from over so get your popcorn ready and enjoy.

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