The Beginner’s Guide to Sneakers

Footwear is always in fashion, which is why there are so many different types of styles and designs. Most people pick their sneakers based on their favorite color or what pair they think looks cool on a celebrity. But the truth is, there are several different categories of sneakers. Knowing the different categories will help you decide which one is right for you and the activity that goes along with it. 

Running Shoes 

Running shoes are specifically designed and engineered to absorb the energy created between the runner’s body and the running surface. High-tech cushioning at the heel and balls of feet of the shoe lessens the injuries one might receive from running. Running shoes are generally lighter than other types of sneakers and usually have a mesh exterior to keep the foot cool during running activity. 

Running shoes like Nike Air VaporMax are technically advanced because they use air and air placement within the sole of the shoe to support a runner’s stride. This allows for more cushioning and a softer run. The shoe’s lightweight construction makes it easy to run in. 

Tennis Shoes 

Tennis shoes are designed for moving on a tennis court. Think about all the directions an athlete travels during a match. The player makes a lot of side-to-side cuts and forward and backward moves as they run about. The shoe is engineered to include stronger side support. This gives the user more side stability when playing the game. It also has a lower center of gravity and less cushioning than running shoes. They are designed to give the player a connection to the ground.  

Cross Trainers 

Cross trainers are a favorite style of shoe for many athletes. They are considered a hybrid sneaker that is suitable for someone that likes to do different kinds of athletic activity. They have the same high-tech cushioning that a running shoe has plus the extra side support that a tennis shoe provides. Cross trainers also have added cushioning in the forefront area and a wider sole. They’re an all-purpose sneaker designed for multi-directional movement.

Soccer Shoes 

Soccer shoes are designed to grip the turf or grassy field as the player runs around. They come with cleats or studs on the bottom of the shoe. There is a collar or flap around the ankle for added support and midsole cushioning. You can’t really wear them any place other than a soccer field. 

Designer Sneakers 

Just as the name suggests, designer sneakers are generally made by a well-known fashion designer or a luxury clothing company. Designer shoes are considered high-end and they are always on the pricier side. They’re not designed for a specific sport, but make an awesome fashion statement. You’ll certainly turn some heads when you walk down the street in a pair of designer kicks. 

Bend the Rules 

 Just because a sneaker is made for a specific sport like running or tennis doesn’t mean you can’t bend the rules a little and wear them outside the track or court. In fact, sneakers are one of the most expressive pieces of clothing there is. Now that you know more about some of the different types of sneakers on the market, wear them wherever or however you want. 

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