The Beanpot Final is Tonight in Boston and It Should Be A Good One

Written by tRy25

If you’re a casual hockey fan you probably don’t know about the Beanpot. If you’re a college hockey fan you likely know about the Beanpot. If you grew up in Massachusetts and lived to see your 5th birthday, you’ve definitely heard of and likely attended a Beanpot.

For those who don’t know, The Beanpot is a hockey tournament played on the first two Monday’s of February for the past 68 years. The tournament is played by 4 Hockey East schools located 8 miles away from each other in Boston, including Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, and Harvard. It’s a right of passage for any kid who plays hockey in this state to want to win this bad boy

If it weren’t for the accident (not being a skilled skater, stickhandler, goal scorer) I probably would’ve won 4 of these as a BU Terrier. Kids in Canada play in the street pretending to score an overtime goal in a CHL playoff game or game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final. My friends and I often had heated battles of BU vs. BC in my driveway with a trashcan acting as a stand in goaltender (that fucker was like an octopus in the net sometimes) to win our own Beanpot title. No one really liked NU unless your dad went there and you’re a god damn nerd if you wanted to win a Beanpot for Harvard.

BU leads the 4 schools in Beanpot victories with 30. BC follows with 20, Harvard with 11, and Northeastern at a lowly 6. However, tonight Northeastern sets off to win their 3rd straight Beanpot, facing off against the BU Terriers. Lets rock baby.

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