The Bad Part Of A 17-Game Schedule: Megatrons Record Could Be Broken

The NFL recently announced a new 17-game schedule for the upcoming season. This will have plenty of impacts. Financial impacts, healthy impacts, and the history book impact. One more game obviously will make it easier now for these current players to break at was one point untouchable records.

One of those records is Calvin Johnson’s record for most receiving yards in one season. In 2012, Megatron caught for  1,964 yards and is the only player to record at least 1,900 yards in one season. In a 16-game regular season, this record seemed untouchable. The closest player to reach that was Julio Jones in 2015 with 1,871 yards. One more game and that record could be broken.

This new 17-game season will be having records broken left and right.

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