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The AZ Cardinals Backup, Chris Streveler, Is A God Damn Stud | @cstrevy

Written by Tony

My goodness, on social media presence and that alone, this dude deserves to be the starter in Arizona. With the season on the line, and playoff hopes handing in the balance, Kyler Murray went limping off into the locker room and so did the hopes of the Arizona season. That is until this fucking guy walked out onto the field:

Holy fucking moly! Give them the Super Bowl right now, because no one is going to stop a guy like this when he gets going. With a pedigree that includes winning the 2019 Grey Cup of Canadian professional football, this guy is clearly a proven winner.

He is unabashedly himself and he is a star we need on this Sunday afternoon. With each strand of hair on his beard seemingly a memento to the amount of box he has munched over his lifetime, this kid has the goods and presence to command a huddle. Imagine seeing this photo below and thinking that #15 is not the alpha in the locker room? Good heavens. He must be a fantastic swimmer, or else he would have drowned already from the bounty of muff he has dealt with. Him and Kliff Kingsbury are going to have a field day at the strip club later tonight after they clinch a playoff spot.


Seriously, how did GMs see this picture, and not draft him #1? What a complete oversight. Hey, Chris, on behalf of all of the men in this country, stay the fuck away from my fiancé. What a stud.

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