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The Anomalies Spend Some Time with @toddmccomas and @BowersComedy @theanomaliespod

Written by Tyler Allen

The Anomalies recently had both Todd Mccomas and Chris Bowers. If you need a laugh to make 2020 pandemic life not suck as much, give this a listen! It’s divided up into two different episodes, so if you need a break, you got a convenient break, do something else, and can come back and consume part two.

From the Podcast description:

Episode 53 we have stand-up comedian Chris Bowers on the show this week! Some of us haven’t met, so we open up with formal introductions around the group. After that, Tanner asks “is Hulu Worth it?” Chris has an interesting opinion on that and commercials. The Anomalies are also knuckleheads when it comes to time zones since Chris Bowers is in LA, it breaks down into a hilarious convo. Ronnie’s Family gave Hobby Lobby a crazy amount of money. Chris goes into the extremes of owning a comedy club and all the money he didn’t make. He also believes there’s only 10 cities, and everything else is Indiana. Tanner and Ronnie have a conversation about wardrobes (during a Wedding.) Energy Drinks as currency? Chris tells us his tales from the road and with Pat Mcafee and Todd Mccomas. Bowers gives a hell of a joke about ending a month-long diet on the day of the super bowl. We close this portion of the podcast with tales of multiple marriages from both Marco and Chris, and that’s when our special guest for next week drops in!! This is Part 1.

Episode 54 is the second half of this episode where Todd Mccomas drops in.

From the podcast description:

We get a life update from Todd McComas and an update on his Bar Shed that Marco helped out on. Todd & Chris recall their visit to Appleton, Wisconsin when they met up with Tanner and Marco on a Friday night and gives us a recap. Todd gives us behind the scenes stories between him and Marnee while recording the 4life podcast. Chris and Todd both give us guys advice on women, and its incredibly valuable stuff! Todd is a Furry now. Todd and Trashman finally have a conversation about Steven Segal. Trashman delivers some gems about Segal! Marco tried to fight Tim Silva twice. We talk about Todd’s upcoming visit to Libertyville, maybe Bowers will be there?! What-a-Burger versus In-N-Out, what does everyone think! We talk about how epic Todd’s Ad-reads are! They are still talked about at Barstool to this day! We also wonder how some of these companies make money with these ridiculous promo codes. We finish with some vomit talk, because somehow, we had to one up each other when it comes to vomiting.

2020 may be a down year for most podcasts, but were having an incredible run getting comedians on our podcast. Tuesday, Our guest is Rich Ragains. Next Monday (9/14) we have a writer/comedian from The Bob & Tom Show, Jeff Oskay.

We hope y’all are having a spectacular Labor Day.

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