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The Anomalies Preview the Super Bowl

WASSUP! Hi, hello, and all other formal greetings for people.

My name is Tyler Allen, I am the super producer extraordinaire for The Anomalies. We are 4 self proclaimed idiots who like to talk sports, big fans of Barstool/PMI, and can do some awesome interviews in between. The Bossman suggests that we actually start doing blogs for our episodes, and after figuring out the wonderful world of WordPress, we’re gonna give it a go!

We go through The Super Bowl on Sunday between the Chiefs and the 49’ers. We give our thoughts on the game, giving predictions on the outcome. The fun starts when we go through every possible prop bet and where you should put your money for some of them.

We also interview a caller of the Pat Mcafee Show/Shaun Latham show William “British Will” Mackenzie. He gives us a nice update from him since he has not called into either show in a while. He also tells us about the few times Will did stand up and the people he interacted back then.

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