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The Anomalies Dive into the Tiger King Doc

This is our latest episode where we dive into all things “Tiger King” on Netflix. The guys even dressed up for the event. #rona has us all stuck at home, so we open up with comedy specials to see. Then They open up for a whole hour of our take on Tiger King. Next, we give an update on the UFC main event situation for UFC 249, and how Jon “Bones” Jones certainly lived up to his nickname with a really bone-headed incident. Lastly, we spitball a couple of segment ideas because we don’t think sports will be coming back for a while.

The video for episode 41 is attached below, we are thankful for our connection to Pro Sports Extra. If you have seen us along the right side and have given us a listen during the pandemic, THANK YOU! If you could do us the solid and give us a rate, review, and subscribe to our podcast and both PSE, and our Youtube.

*******Spoiler Alert*******

This dives EXTENSIVELY into the “Tiger King” if you have Netflix and any intention of seeing it at all, add it to your list, then watch it. Come on back to us, but otherwise, you have been warned!

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