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The 49ers Need Cheese For Their Whine

Written by Tony Ghaul

The Philadelphia Eagles routed the the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 in the NFC Championship game. The Eagles knocked rookie QB Brock Purdy out with a arm injury, and then knocked out his replacement with a concussion. Purdy returned to the game and was unable to throw the football.

The Eagles offensive and defensive lines just mauled and overpowered the 49ers most of the game and it showed how physically dominating the Eagles are.

The Eagles pass rush was as dominant as expected. They hit Purdy and Johnson seven times on just 18 49ers pass attempts. The offensive pummeled the 49ers defense into submission.

Maybe the 49ers should done the following: Not tried to block All-Pro Haason Reddick with a backup tight end, not commit obvious penalties, and that Kyle Shanahan is a genius Head Coach.

The 49ers are bunch chokers. They have been in three NFC Championship games in four years and have only made one Super Bowl appearance. A 1-3 record in the Conference Championship and a blown lead in a Super Bowl, seems to me like they are chokers.

Their players have done nothing but whine, since they got routed by the Eagles.

The 49ers have no sense of self accountability throughout the organization. There’s a reason you haven’t won the last 4 years. Look in the mirror.Try having some dignity and pride and take losing like a professional.

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