The 2023 NBA Draft was understandably taking longer for most of the fans who watched it. Sixty new names were called by NBA commissioner Adam Silver and his deputy Mark Tatum throughout the night. French phenom Victor Wembanyama was selected by the San Antonio Spurs as the first overall pick and he’s touted as possibly the best ever prospect by most analysts who covered the draft.

In what was supposed to be a drama filled night due to the plethora of big name players being moved around before the draft, it was truly a dry night in terms of drama. Many insiders and fans thought that teams were ready to trade their stars to move up in this top heavy draft but to everyone’s surprise, there was no significant trade that happened last night.

Pelicans often injured star Zion Williamson was rumored to be traded for either the second, third or fourth pick but none of it materialized. Portland immediately shut down calls from other teams about Damian Lillard’s availability just before the night started.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was Alabama forward going at number two for the Charlotte Hornets. Scoot Henderson was drafted by the Blazers at third but they now have a crowded backcourt going into next season.

With the 2024 and 2025 draft class seen as a couple of tiers below compared to this year’s class, there was a major hype about the possibility of crazy trades happening last night. Everybody tuned in to see if their beloved stars got traded to a contending team but sadly, nothing happened.

Teams drafted accordingly without much drama and there were still a few trades here and there but it didn’t really change the NBA landscape as hoped. In other words, the 2023 NBA draft was as dry as the Sahara desert in terms of drama and suspense. 

With the lack of drama, perhaps the highlight of the night was the 13th selection of the Toronto Raptors, Gradey Dick. He knew he was going to get much attention due to his sparkling fashion style on draft night.

Maybe the offseason will bring much more drama than last night’s event.


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